Danielle Turnbull, DMT Coaching

Danielle Turnbull

"I help and guide my clients pre, during and post separation & divorce"

After going through my own divorce, I retrained as a life coach. I was approached by several people who needed guidance so I offered it. I also facilitate the bi annual Building Life After Separation workshop at the Auckland Women’s Centre.

My personal experience with separation and divorce, and subsequent personal growth, adds to my coaching skill set; this is my USP. I also have a skill to hear between the words so I know which questions to ask so some fundamental shifts can take place for my clients.

I focus on the key areas of: independence, exploration, rebuilding identity, financial prosperity, well-being and personal growth

DMT Coaching

Service and Packages

I work face-to-face with clients and based in Westmere, Auckland

I offer multi session packages of either 4 or 8 sessions.

About Me

I am very much into current affairs & politics. I like to know what changes are happening in society and how they could potentially affect my clients. I also love learning so I am currently undertaking a Master’s in Legal Studies as my passion is driving me towards working at policy level with regards to Women’s Affairs and Family Law.

Contact Details

Email: danielle@dmtcoaching.co.nz

Phone: 0212346575

Website: DMT Coaching