Graduate Success Stories

Tony Yuile

Tony Yuile (Wellington)
NLP Expert & Coach
Helps with Anxiety and Stress

Tatiana Goded

Tatiana Goded
Life Coach
Helping clients rediscover their true path and long-forgotten dreams

Janine Felton

Janine Felton (Auckland)
Celebrating Life Coaching
Helps Women over 40 break free and reach their potential. Neuro-diversity Specialist

Chris Kentsley

Chris Kentsley (Auckland)
Life Coaching East Auckland
Coaching and Hypnotherapy to overcome stress, anxiety and conflict and build healthy habits.

Julie Raine

Julie Raine (Auckland)
Coaching, Workshops & Masterclasses
Championing the underdog and using her belief that "Anything is Possible" to guide others to career success.

Debbie McMillan

Debbie McMillan (Christchurch)
RTT, Coaching & Mindfulness Practitioner
Specialising in Disordered Eating, Weight Loss, Addiction Recovery, and overcoming Depression and Anxiety

Kathy Shaw

Kathy Shaw (Hamilton)
Evolve NZ Coaching for Personal & Professional Growth
Improving job and life satisfaction, overcoming professional burnout, with a focus on Health professionals

Chrissie Liv

Chrissie Liv (West Otago)
1:1 Coaching, Online Workshops & Events
Building personl enrichment, self-esteem and confidence for intelligent, creative women.

Danielle Turnbull

Danielle Turnbull (Westmere, Auckland)
DMT Coaching
Life Coaching to help clients navigate through and thrive after separation and divorce

Stephanie Holloway

Stephanie Holloway
Elemental Potential
Coach and Body Language Expert to help clients achieve more

Neil Sadlier

Neil Sadlier
Realignment Life Coaching in Invercargill
Helping clients to engineer better relationships, careers and day-to-day lives using your unique skills and strengths