NZ Life Coaching - COVID-19 Response and Contingency Plans

We have contingency plans based on the Government Alert levels. We are using these as a guide in the interests of clarity and consistency:

Alert Level 1

Alert Level 2

Alert Level 3

Alert Level 4

Alert Level 2 - Detailed Guidelines

Social Distancing

Students and trainers must stay 1 metre away from each other at all times. Practical sessions will be done with this in mind.

If you are sick

Anyone who is sick is required to stay at home. IF you have any Covid-19 symptoms you must not attend the course. Students will be able to attend a later course in this eventuality. Anyone who shows symptoms during the course must leave immediately (and will be able to complete the course at a later date.)

Hand Hygiene and Venue Cleaning

Hand sanitiser is to be provided by the school and students asked to use it on entry.

Any tables and chairs will be disinfected by the venue.

Attendance Register

All students must sign the attendance register on entry and also include their phone number to meet the criteria for contact tracing.

At risk people

If you are in the at-risk category (eg over-70, underlying health condition, immuno-compromised) it is up to your own discretion whether you participate in the face-to-face classes at this stage. If you do not wish to attend the course that you are booked for you may postpone to a later course as usual.

Morning and afternoon tea

Unless otherwise advised, these will still be provided, students to maintain social distance when getting refreshments.

A few notes

Courses may still have to be postponed at Alert Level 2 if for example:

As these situations can change rapidly there may be other scenarios which we haven’t considered. We will address these as they arise and communicate promptly with you.

A reminder of our guarantee and commitment to our students

Our terms and conditions and guarantee remain unaffected, ie if a course doesn’t take place due to forces outside our control or a student is unable to attend as planned, they are welcome to postpone to any other course within the next 4 years (extended from 3 years), and at any location.

If any face-to-face courses cannot take place then they will be postponed to later dates (or students transferred to later existing courses). We will NOT be replacing the 5 day, in person element of the course with online training. However if the 5 day courses are postponed we are looking at providing additional online support and resources to continue and expand students’ learning and development in the meantime.

Any student at any point is able to choose not to attend if they prefer, and the option to postpone to later course dates in line with our guarantee still applies.

We are committed to continuing to deliver the training as we have done for the last 7 years, and working with all students and graduates to help them through with what they need, during any short term disruption :-)