Frequently Asked Questions About Our Training

5 days seems very short for a training course. Do you really cover so much?

Yes, absolutely. The beauty of our training course is that it is not overly academic but very practical. Right from the beginning of day one you will be setting goals and declarations and actually coaching your fellow students in a very real way.

It's an exhilarating experience to discover your innate confidence and coaching skills in this tactical way. Each day of the course builds on the previous day's trainings. And you'll be amazed at what you can in fact achieve over 5 days' training.

What can I do after the 5 days?

Being a life coach is really a journey. Right at the beginning of the week you make the decision to become a coach. Whether you're going to do that as your profession, whether it's going to be a set of skills and techniques you have for life to combine with your other professional situation, is up to you.

But the journey continues after the training. For some students, they choose to go on and do more life coach training overseas or distance learning, taking the more academic route to higher qualifications. For others, they can't wait to get working with people as soon as possible and they decide to set up a coaching practice immediately.

Where you go once the course is finished is up to you, but what we can promise as part of our guarantee is that you will be confident to help others.

What we also promise is that you will feel fully empowered to help other people improve their lives, get better results and performance and you will be thrilled with your new skills and coaching mindset.

It's difficult for me to do the course right now because taking time off work/rearranging my plans is such a big commitment. If I do make this commitment is the training going to be worth it?

We believe absolutely yes, it will be. There is no similar training course in New Zealand. This course is unique. If you are not sure if it will give you the skills and knowledge you require in order to set up your own practice, become a life coach and build on your current skillset set, then simply give us a call and let's have a chat.

If this is going to be the right course for you, then it is something that will make a big difference in your own confidence and your own vision. Please grab the opportunity. There are very limited spaces available on our training courses. We only have small class sizes so we can offer individual attention as well as group teaching.

Don't let the opportunity slip through your hands. The courses aren't repeated very often.

Again, if you are not sure and you want to make sure the commitment is going to pay off for you, please get in touch.

When will this training course be repeated?

The dates shown on the website right now for the New Zealand training program are the only dates we have confirmed. We are always looking to do more of these courses because they are so popular and produce such wonderful results for students. However due to time and travel constraints we can make no promises as to when the next ones will be.

So again, if you are keen, seize your opportunity now. Email or call us directly with any questions you have and let's discuss whether this course is going to be everything you wish it to be.

Is there a demand for life coaching?

Yes.  There is an absolute, universal demand for the benefits that life coaching offers. These benefits are huge and there is a growing awareness among the public that coaching is a fantastic solution for them, which we expect to blossom and bloom over the next few years.

Which brings us to the question of how good is your marketing?  For instance, how many people out there need more motivation? How many people feel stuck in their lives? How many people don't even know what they want to do with their lives? How many people are a bit fed up? How many people are a little overwhelmed? How many people need help and support and encouragement?

You see, when you ask questions like this you are talking about nearly everybody in the world. So the challenge with life coaching is not if people want it, it's a case of how good are you at marketing the specific services that you offer to those people?

As marketing is the real challenge, it's a big component of our 5 day training course. Not simply being lectured in the basics of marketing, but being shown and guided, on how you can put together your own marketing plan, presentation and package of what you uniquely can offer people.

I'm not sure I like the idea of life coaching, it just seems very dry, and business-oriented, almost dull. Is that true?

Absolutely nothing could be further from the truth. Once you truly understand the benefits and absolute power of the coaching process, its tools, techniques and philosophies, and the implications both for you as a coach and for your clients (the people who you then help), then you will be amazed at how exciting it actually is.

Life coaching - when you 'get it' - opens up avenues of possibilities and pathways for you and your life's journey and the others that you help, that were never previously imaginable.

Again, if you believe coaching is dull and 'business-like', please give us a call and we will definitely help you see the massive potential.

Can my employer pay for me to do this course?

Yes, we often have students whose managers or employers are happy to pay for them to do this course. The new skills and energies that coaching training will give to somebody are absolutely priceless to both small businesses or larger organizations.

If you are the kind of person who is passionate about helping others develop their potential and improve their performance… if you would love to bring coaching as a strategy and an option into your organization, please do ask your employer if they would be prepared to contribute to or even pay for the program, as you may be very surprised. They may be more than happy to fund that kind of initiative.

Will the life coaching training help me to improve or grow my current business or practice?

Again very much yes. As a training organisation we put a lot of emphasis on marketing and the actual process of attracting clients and building professional relationships.

Lots of students are already in practice as therapists, coaches, trainers and small business owners, and one of their big motivators for joining the course is to get more clients, and to get more people interested in signing up for what they do.

If this sounds like you, then you have probably found exactly the right course. There are lots of great life coaching training opportunities out there that are very academic, and the information is delivered through books, distance learning or correspondence courses. You can learn the information but you will never get what you get from one of our courses. You'll never have the opportunity to create change and breakthroughs in a dynamic and fun environment. There will always be distance.

Additionally with many correspondence courses the marketing information can be weak and even misinformed and unhelpful. We are very proud of the fact that we can help you over these 5 days put together a business plan for yourself. We are actually very much enthused and keen to do that with you.